The joy of text

As a private therapist in lockdown, I have really been pushed outside of my comfort zone (in a good way)! in finding alternative ways of working that do not involve face to face client contact. The challenge has been in continuing to offer an ethical service, for example, by checking the privacy policies of various platforms, which can be a bit of a minefield.
I now offer counselling via any platform and being person centred, it’s the individual client’s choice. Clients in lockdown with other members of their household have found privacy to be an issue. I have managed to overcome this by providing a counselling service by text. Although a little apprehensive at first, we trialled it and based on how I feel and client feedback,it’s working extremely well.
The written word is very powerful, an act of reflection, the thought that was once in your head is now ‘out there’,a first level of distance is achieved between ‘I’ and the issue. The difficult feeling is captured, in black and white, allowing it to be processed.
Typing out your feelings slows down the thought process enough for your own personal insights to begin to emerge. (Notice that you can speak much faster than you can type)! Add in any insights that the therapist has and that makes for a powerful catalyst to change.
As a therapist in private practice, I’m no longer restricted to only working with clients within a reasonable geographical distance, my current clients are based all over the country. It works both ways, I have secured the services of an outstanding therapist myself (yes, therapists need therapy too and it’s encouraged as part of our self care due to the demands of the job).
I am surprised at how quickly I am able to build up a relationship with the client via text, I respond intuitively, it just works somehow.